PSY Aristotle (384-322 BC), student of Plato, was a father of western philosophy, and the progenitor of rational thought. Study of the objective inevitably led to his conception of the scientific method. Aristotle’s investigations of the natural, empirical sciences and logic were essential contributions to the foundation of psychology.

HEADS Aristotle Mental Health recognizes how powerfully thought can affect our emotional and behavioral health. That is why Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness are fundamental theories of its practice.

Kevin McGill, LICSW, Aristotle's founder, is currently providing therapy for individual adults and groups in discreet settings. Areas of expertise include Mood Disorders, Thought Disorders, Anxiety, Trauma, and Substance Use. Effective, compassionate help with Interpersonal, Sexual, and Identity problems. Significant experience with Veterans.

Kevin is currently licensed as a Social Worker in Washington State and has been serving the mental health community in Seattle since 2004.